We’re connected to others by both the social and cognitive ties we have with them. These ties represent not only the social relationship we have with someone through kinship or friendship, but also the exchange of knowledge, thoughts and memories that link us.

In many ways, a cognitive tie represents a uniquely intimate relationship to another – one of two minds tied and connected by shared thoughts and ideas.

Cognitive Ties is a blog dedicated to sharing perspectives on science and research, as well as featuring individuals pursuing science research and highlighting the diversity in STEM.

Here contributing students and I explore a wide range of topics: graduate school, STEM research, diversifying academia, advice on getting involved in research.

It is with the goal that this blog provides a platform for students to share perspectives, ask questions, and tell their own stories. By doing so, we challenge stereotypes, and highlight our diversity through our shared passion for curiosity, discovery and science.

Raeya Maswood