If you are a scientist or student in STEM and would like to contribute an article on science, diversity, the intersection of science and social issues/policy, or if you would like to be featured in the Science Narratives and Evidence-Based series, email us at cognitiveties@gmail.com

Science Narratives is a series of interviews with students from diverse fields in science at various stages of their career. By learning more about individuals and their journey in science, this series has the goal of breaking the stereotypes in science and showcasing the diversity in STEM. We hope readers will find connections and inspirations in these stories told.

Evidence-Based is a series where scientists and students in STEM clarify misconceptions and debunk misinformation about topics from their own field of study. In consideration of growing misinformation and questions surrounding fact and fiction, we aim to highlight and deconstruct evidence and research from science, and discuss ways to prevent science misconceptions.